Stock of the day: Apple

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: June 10 2024, 07:13 GMT+0

Stock of the day: Apple


In today’s stock of the day, we return to Apple, a stock that has been exhibiting intriguing technical patterns. Looking at the daily and weekly charts, Apple remains within a long-term sideways trend, confined by yellow horizontal lines that mark key support and resistance levels. This prolonged consolidation phase reflects a market equilibrium where buying and selling pressures are balanced, waiting for a decisive move.

Recently, Apple has experienced an upswing, pushing the price to test the upper boundary of this sideways channel. This critical resistance level now offers a prime trading opportunity. A bearish candlestick pattern such as a shooting star or bearish engulfing at this level could signal a short sell opportunity. Traders would interpret this as a failure of the price to break higher, leading to a potential retracement towards the lower support level.

Conversely, a strong breakout above the yellow resistance line and a subsequent close well above this level would be a compelling buy signal. This breakout would suggest that buyers have gained control, potentially leading to a new upward trend. However, given the current market dynamics and the historical difficulty in breaking this resistance, a bearish pullback appears more probable in the near term. Traders should watch for confirmation patterns before making their move.



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