Stock of the day: ENEL

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: September 21 2023, 08:59 GMT+0

Stock of the day: ENEL


ENEL, a name that has been on the radar for market enthusiasts, is currently showcasing a classic sideways movement. The trading community is watching closely, anticipating a decisive breakout from this phase. Highlighted in yellow for a clearer representation, this sideways trajectory has been hemmed in between the upper resistance level at 6.35 and the lower support level, firmly set at 5.85.

In recent market activity, ENEL’s stock demonstrated a pullback from the 6.35 resistance, suggesting a potential journey toward the lower extremity of this rectangle. For investors and traders who’re looking for cues on ENEL’s next move, here’s the strategy: A surge past the 6.35 resistance level can be interpreted as a bullish signal, pointing toward a longer-term uptrend. Conversely, a dip below the 5.85 support level would signal a potential longer-term downtrend, advocating for a selling position.



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