Stock of the day: McDonald’s

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: August 07 2023, 09:50 GMT+0

Stock of the day: McDonald’s


McDonald’s Corporation (MCD), one of the world’s leading global foodservice retailers, has been showing a worrisome trend lately in the stock market. Despite trying to break above the key horizontal resistance just shy of $300 in July, it failed to sustain the momentum and started descending. This has been marked in blue in our technical chart to illustrate the crucial breaking point.

However, Friday was particularly unfavorable for McDonald’s stock as it created a huge bearish candle. This occurrence is not just worrisome because it fully engulfs the previous small bullish candle, indicating a bearish engulfing pattern, but it also breaks the long-standing black long-term uptrend line that has been connecting higher lows since October 2022.

This leads us to a clear sell signal for McDonald’s stock. The potential target for McDonald’s now stands at $280, marked with a yellow color on our chart. This figure represents a crucial support level that if maintained, could help to prevent further declines.

All these elements together paint a negative sentiment for McDonald’s, suggesting that investors might need to exercise caution or reassess their position in the stock. As always, it is crucial to monitor the market and react based on individual investment goals and risk tolerance.