Stock of the day: Merck

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: May 29 2024, 08:02 GMT+0

Stock of the day: Merck

Precisely one week ago, on the 22nd of May, I highlighted the formation of an ascending triangle in Merck’s chart. This pattern, characterized by a yellow horizontal resistance and a dynamic green uptrend line, typically indicates a bullish breakout in an uptrend. However, Merck deviated from this expectation, breaking out to the downside and invalidating the formation.

This bearish breakout should not come as a surprise when considering the broader market sentiment. With indices trending lower, Merck’s movement aligns with the overall market direction. The invalidation of the ascending triangle pattern signifies increased selling pressure and suggests that Merck is likely to continue its downward trajectory in the mid-term.

The implications of this breakdown are significant. The denial of the ascending triangle pattern indicates a shift in market sentiment, with bears taking control. Traders should closely monitor Merck for further declines, as the stock is expected to follow the broader bearish trend. This move highlights the importance of staying vigilant and adapting trading strategies to align with market conditions.


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