Gold’s Bearish Pattern Signals Further Declines

In today’s technical analysis, let’s delve into Gold, which has formed a significant head and shoulders pattern, […]

1900$ for Gold On the Horizon?

The recent dynamics in the gold market certainly make for an interesting analysis. After reaching impressive new […]

Gold’s Bearish Signal Unearths Path to $1900 Support

Gold’s market performance has been mirroring a downward trajectory recently, casting a shadow on commodities which are […]

Gold’s Triumphant Rise: Breaking Chains and Eyeing $2070

In the world of precious metals, gold has always held an esteemed position. Not only for its […]

Gold’s Bullish Dance and the Rally Beyond the Flag

Today’s spotlight falls squarely on gold, the venerable metal whose recent performance is nothing short of bullish. […]

Golden Opportunity: Anticipating a Potential Buy Signal for Gold

In today’s technical analysis, we shift our focus to Gold as it teeters on the edge of […]

Stronger USD Exerts Pressure on Gold, Potential Bearish Breakout Looms

Amidst the current market dynamics, Gold is facing downward pressure, largely driven by the stronger USD. While […]

Triple top formation on Gold

Dollar and stock bulls are celebrating this week but Gold buyers probably are not so happy with […]

Shooting star on gold’s chart: sign of bearish reversal ahead?

On Thursday, we witnessed some remarkable moves on gold who is currently experiencing high volatility. Today’s candle […]

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