Euro Hits a New Low Against Zloty

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: November 20 2023, 07:13 GMT+0

Euro Hits a New Low Against Zloty


In today’s financial analysis, we delve into the Euro to Polish Zloty (EUR/PLN) pair, which has recently been navigating through a critical phase, marking its presence at long-term lows. The perspective here is broad, encompassing the trends since 2014 on a weekly chart. This extended view reveals a predominantly upward trajectory, historically buttressed by a black trendline.

However, a significant development has unfolded in the previous week. This long-standing support trendline has been decisively breached, signaling a notable shift in market dynamics. The breach isn’t isolated; it coincides with the break below a crucial horizontal support level at 4.4, highlighted in yellow. Such concurrent breaks are often indicative of a potent bearish sentiment.

As a result, the EUR/PLN pair is now trading at levels not seen since mid-2020, well beneath the black support line. This positions the pair firmly within a bearish domain, underpinning a robust long-term sell signal. The current market stance will remain bearish as long as the pair continues to trade below this pivotal yellow zone.

Conversely, there exists a potential for a reversal. Should the pair ascend back above the yellow threshold and cross over the black trendline, it would constitute a false breakout. This scenario would shift the narrative significantly, opening the door to a strong buying opportunity. However, based on current trends and market behavior, the bearish scenario appears to hold more weight and is deemed more likely to materialize.