Silver’s Technical Outlook: A Bearish Shift Amid Dollar Strength

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: July 28 2023, 13:13 GMT+0

Silver’s Technical Outlook: A Bearish Shift Amid Dollar Strength


As the trading week draws to a close, the precious metal market demands a closer inspection, with silver at the epicenter of a significant technical shift. The movement predominantly leans bearish, a sentiment largely attributed to the surge in the strength of the American dollar. A bolstered dollar typically translates to weakened commodities, and in this scenario, silver is no exception.

The metal’s current price trajectory has punctured a vital horizontal support, positioned at $24.5 per ounce. This specific price point isn’t arbitrary; it bears historical significance on the charts. At the onset of 2023, it acted as a formidable resistance. By April, the tables turned, and it served as support. However, in the aftermath of its breach, come June, it reverted to its role as resistance. This continual oscillation around the $24.5 mark showcases the price’s long-standing relationship and respect for this level.

However, the recent developments are concerning for silver bulls. The metal has decisively descended below this yellow area, paving the way for a potential continuation of the downward trend. The chart paints a picture of a false breakout pattern, highlighted in green. The optimistic ascent beyond the yellow threshold in recent times was, unfortunately, a mirage, a deceptive movement that now casts a shadow on silver’s short-term outlook.

With the prevailing sentiment skewed bearishly, where might silver head next? A plausible initial target for this bearish trajectory lies along the purple line. This line traces its origins to the lows of March and June, acting as a potential magnet for the metal’s price. If the selling pressure amplifies and manages to fracture this purple line, silver could then seek solace at the red line. This line has its foundations rooted in the lows of 2022 and extends to embrace the troughs of March 2023.

In summary, silver, under the weight of a strengthening dollar, finds itself in turbulent waters. Traders and investors would do well to monitor these pivotal technical levels and navigate their strategies accordingly.