Stock of the day: Boeing

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: October 13 2023, 08:14 GMT+0

Stock of the day: Boeing


In today’s discussion spotlighting Boeing, an intriguing sell signal has materialized, demanding keen attention. September unfurled a notably negative trajectory for the company, witnessing the price dwindling persistently throughout the month. Notable was the breach of the mid-term trend line, delineated in red, and the subsequent slipping below the yellow-marked horizontal support at $197, collectively cloaking Boeing in a patently negative sentiment.

October, on the other hand, initially teased traders with an attempt to reverse the gloomy narrative, a hopeful surge that was abruptly curtailed on Wednesday. This critical mid-week point saw the price recoil off the yellow resistance, subsequently tumbling lower. This movement was further echoed on Thursday with the crafting of a definitively bearish candle. Intriguingly, the last trio of candles have conspired to create an ‘evening star’ candlestick pattern, recognized for its formation of a bullish candle, succeeded by a small, neutral candle, and culminated with a bearish candle, depicted here in a stark blue.

Renowned among traders as a classic harbinger of a potential reversal, this pattern subtly whispers of impending drops, thereby underscoring a prevailing negative sentiment as long as the price languishes beneath the yellow resistance.