Stock of the day: Enel

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: August 04 2023, 11:35 GMT+0

Stock of the day: Enel


In the dynamic landscape of stock markets, identifying patterns is more than just spotting a repetitive formation on charts; it’s about predicting potential future movements. One such pattern that has caught the attention of investors lately is observed in the stock chart of the Italian multinational energy company, Enel.

Since July 2022, Enel’s chart has showcased an intriguing pattern known as the ‘rising wedge,’ marked distinctively with black boundary lines. For those unacquainted with the intricacies of stock chart patterns, a rising wedge is typically perceived as a bearish signal. It suggests that while prices are indeed moving upwards, they are doing so with decreasing enthusiasm, hinting at a potential downturn.

At the onset of this month, Enel’s stock took a decisive turn, confirming the bearish suspicion. The stock price not only broke through the lower boundary of the wedge but also swiftly shattered its mid-term dynamic support, highlighted by a blue trend line. The significance of this breach was felt immediately in the market, evidenced by four sizable bearish candles that dominated the August chart. These candles, representing days of significant selling, underscored the growing hesitation among investors about Enel’s immediate bullish potential.

From a technical analysis perspective, the current landscape for Enel looks challenging. The stock has delivered a clear long-term sell signal, and the bearish momentum seems to have firmly gripped its trajectory. Of course, in the stock market, predictions are all about probabilities and not certainties. For the current sentiment to shift, Enel’s stock would need to rally above the recently breached blue line. However, given the present conditions and the overwhelming bearish signals, such a recovery seems to be a distant possibility.



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