Traders Edge: Market Briefing 12/09/22

By Tomasz Wisniewski|

Published: September 12 2022, 10:06 GMT+0

Traders Edge: Market Briefing 12/09/22

In today’s Traders Edge Market Briefing, Tomasz found these unique setups that we thought you’d find interesting.

WTI Oil climbs back above the 86 USD/bbl support, sealing the false breakout pattern and giving a mid-term buy signal

EURUSD escapes from the channel down formation to the upside

Gold maintains the upward momentum after bouncing off a crucial horizontal support on the 1690 USD/oz

NZDJPY jumps to new long-term highs after a successful defense of the 86.8 support

USDJPY trades lower despite the weak yen, dollar is also out of strength

GBPJPY crashes the 166.3 resistance, the buy signal is on

DAX starts a new week on the front foot aiming for the long-term down trendline

EURJPY recovers from a false bullish breakout and jumps higher, establishing new long-term highs